Data Eradication

Vantage Point partners with hundreds of logistics hubs across the US and can pick up most locations within 24 hours of request. We handle the entire logistics process, from on-site packaging and removal to transportation and chain-of-custody documentation. We regularly orchestrate large scale, multi-site roll outs and have the expertise necessary to ensure all projects run smoothly.







Our Eradication Standards

We use the same data eradication software as the Department of Homeland Security, which wipes each drive to DOD Standards. We also provide a certificate of destruction for every serial number we handle. All data destruction services are performed by trained and certified data destruction technicians to insure your assets are processed by qualified personnel. We then pull machines at random and send the drives to a forensics lab for verification of our own process. We also offer optional on-site physical shredding and in-house shredding at our facility.

Our state of the art NIST/DoD  compliant data destruction lab can sanitize up to 10,000 units. We handle HDD and SSD 512/520 block size, including all interfaces IDE/ATA, SCSI, SATA, SAS, FC. Our reporting automatically reads the make, model and serial number of the drives to pre-populate a certificate of destruction.

We utilize 1-pass, 3-pass and 7-pass wipes in addition to testing drives using S.M.A.R.T. technology.