Logistic Solutions

Vantage Point’s transportation options allow us to provide flexibility, efficiency, and a great customer experience. Our US-based solutions enable pickups, from most locations, within 24 hours of request. We can handle the entire logistics process, from on-site packaging and removal to transportation and chain-of-custody documentation. We regularly orchestrate large-scale, multisite rollouts and have the expertise necessary to ensure all projects run smoothly.

Our Logistic Abilities

Fast Pickup

As a result of our multi-modal structure in the United States, we can pick up equipment within 24 hours in most cases.

Reliable Logistics Partners

Vantage Point partners with the world’s most reliable logistics and freight companies, meaning we can handle even the largest jobs and multi-site decommission projects swiftly and with ease.

Best Shipping Rates

Our long-standing industry relationships allow us to offer you the most competitive rates available. In addition to shipping, we can arrange packing and palletizing services to further reduce your costs.

Custom Shipping Options

If you need custom arrangements –– de-installation, simple packing, office pick up, or loading dock retrieval –– we’ve got you covered.

Added Security

Vantage Point offers asset tracking and closed-loop chain of custody services for added security.  This gives you a documented chain of custody from the time the asset departs your facility until its end of life.

Case Study

Earlier this year, we successfully completed a large de-commission project for a Fortune 1000 client. Vantage Point was selected for the project because of our logistics abilities. This project required us to de-install, package and securely return to our facility (4) Cisco Switches, (1) Cisco Router, (8) Register PCs, a label printer, (8) scanners, (8) receipt printers, a server and a phone system with handsets, per location – from 399 locations. We completed the entire de-install project in less than 15 days and had all items tracked, scanned into our system, all media sanitized and 85% of the equipment sold within 40 days. The client was provided with secure chain-of-custody and certification of data destruction for all data bearing assets.

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