Why Vantage Point ITAD?


Our 30 year presence in the global secondary IT market has given us the experience, skills and resources to ensure…

Logistics Support

Utilize a multi-modal structure in the United States.


Secure Data Eradication

Our certified technicians use NIST/DoD standards for data eradication.

Eco Friendly Disposal

Effective Sorting, intensive downstream controls, and following strict industry standards.

Highest ROI

Selling your equipment for the highest return is where we shine. With over 30 years of industry experience comes resources, and these resources give us the true advantage


R2 v3
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 45001:2018
NIST 800-88


We Will Come to You

Our industry leading logistic and chain of custody abilities allow us, in most cases, to pickup equipment within 24 hours. Vantage Point partners with the world’s most reliable logistics and freight companies, meaning we can handle even the largest jobs and multi-site decommission projects swiftly and with ease.


Certified & insured

In addition to the peace of mind provided by top industry standard, our data destruction process conforms to NIST 800-88/DoD guidelines.  As well as additional insurance coverage for data security breaches to give our clients added peace of mind. We are happy to add clients as additional insured on our policy.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

With 30 years of experience and long-standing industry partnerships, Vantage Point ITAD is a trusted leader in the ITAD industry serving companies of all sizes, ranging from small businesses to Independent School Districts to Fortune 1000 companies. With industry leading logistics, chain of custody, certified and audited data destruction, certified and audited end-of-life recycling, and intensive downstream controls, doesn’t it make sense to choose Vantage Point?

Speak With an ITAD Expert

Our ITAD Experts are available to speak with about your particular asset disposition needs. With specializations from the corporate world,  to the education system. We have the experience and nation wide resources to bring your ideal ITAD program to fruition.

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